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Rear Strut Bar Install

Rear Strut Bar Installation, Interior Panel Trimming with Template and Molding Finish.

Several members have asked for us to provide a template for cutting out the rear interior panels for install with our 1pc rear strut tower bar and if the bar can be used with the OEM adjustable strut solenoids. Now all rear strut tower bars will come complete with these templates, pre cut finishing moldings, and instructions for installation.

The bar does work with the OEM factory strut solenoids. (It will also work with Tein’s EDFC units as well) The bar goes right on drivers side with the removal and reinstallation of the solenoid and bracket. During this particular install, the passenger side needed a small counter clockwise reorientation of the solenoid of about a quarter of a turn which is easily achieved with pliers. (Cars may vary and may or may not need reorientation of the stock solenoids).



Parts List:
Powertrix 1 PC Rear Strut Tower Bar
Powertrix Strut Tower Bar Template for cut out.
- Finishing Moldings x 2

Tools Needed for panel cut out procedure:
- Dremel or Rotary cutting tool
- Masking tape
- Ruler or Micrometer
- Pen or Marker
- Scissors

1. After removing the interior panels and installing rear strut bar, use masking tap to protect the panels in which the bar will extend through from scratches and abrasions. This will also provide a surface to mark the area that needs to be cut out. 


2. Cut and trim the template by the provided out line. Peel and stick or (hold in place for tracing) the template approximately 6.35mm or (1/4 inch) from the rear portion of the trim ledge that drops down towards the carpet. Note the areas for taking the measurements. Use the bottom of the rear trim ledge as the guide to place the bottom of the template.

3. Once the template is fixed to the masking tape on the panel, use a pen or marker to trace around the template. This will be your guide line for trimming the panel. Extend your markings over and down the trim ledge of the panel as you will be trimming through it as well. 

4. If you have adhered the template via sticker method, carefully remove the template as not to remove the masking tape.


5. Using a Dremel or Rotary cutting tool, cut out the traced section of the panel. Make sure you use and good cutting bit as a dull bit can cause snagging and can make the tool jump. We use a variable speed Dremel moto-tool. The trick is to make sure you stay inside your trace. (It is always better to cut less and then trim to fit than cutting too much and having unwanted gaps that can not be replaced.)


6. Once the cut out is completed, remove the masking tape. You can use a file to clean up the cut and install the pre-cut finishing molding. The curved section of installing the molding is a bit tricky but warming up the molding makes is more pliable and easier to install. You can leave the it in the sun or use a hair dryer to warm the molding. (A heat gun is not recommended as it could melt or over heat the moldings as the heat from a heat gun is much more intensified and can make the molding too hot to handle.)

7. Mask the bar for added protection during test fitting. If the cut is not to your desired liking, the finishing molding can be removed and the panel can be further trimmed to your preference.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 on opposite side. 

9. Reinstall the interior panels.



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