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About Us

Powertrix was established in 1999 with the goal of offering unique performance parts to the Nissan Sports Car community. 

Philosophy: Powetrix's commitment to performance is driven by our philosophy that performance and reliability need not be mutually exclusive. We understand that pushing the performance envelope does not mean that you have to sacrifice your daily driver and turn it into a trailer queen. 

At Powetrix, we believe a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. Our business goal is providing what our customers need to achieve success with their Nissan, whether it be on the track or the back road. Our business model is providing that need with the highest level of products & service. We abide by the three C's when providing products & services to you, our clients: 

· Commitment - Our commitment to provide you the highest level of service

· Competency - Complete competency and mastery of all required skills to help your vehicle achieve the next level of performance

· Customer satisfaction - Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

R&D: At Powertrix, we research and develop every performance product. Through research and development, with many components designed and fabricated to our specifications. We spend numerous hours devoted to development time, researching, and developing a product before we let it loose for testing on the track, road course, and street.

Testing: All Powetrix products are tested on the track, road course, and street before we give it our approval. We can lay claim to the fact every Powertrix component ever sold has been thoroughly tested and meets our high standard or performance and reliability. If we won't put it on our Nissan, we won't put it on yours.

Please Contact Us with any questions or suggestions that you may have.

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