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Dash Defrost Vent Removal and Reinstallation

*IMPORTANT* Please read these instructions entirely before attempting the removal and reinstallation of OEM or Carbon Fiber Dash Defrost Vent Panels.

Please exercise care with the removal of the OEM Dash defrost vent panels as they can be brittle due to age and the exposure to the natural environment (heat, sun etc.). If you do not feel comfortable with the removal and reinstallation process, please have a certified mechanic perform the job as damage to the panels will forfeit your $40.00 core charge.

1.  Start with removing the driver’s side panel. (Driver’s side panel must be removed first) The panels are secured with snap in clips towards the front portion of the panel. Insert your fingers into the vented openings in the panel and be sure to pull upwards evenly a crossed the panel with both hands. You can also use a flat head screwdriver to help with prying the panel out. Pull evenly on the far left and center of the panel and then center and right side of the panel.

2.  Repeat the same removal process with the passenger side panel once the driver’s side has been removed.

3.  For 300zxs with the auto/digital climate control, there is a sensor underneath the passenger’s side panel that can be either removed directly from the panel or you can find the plug approximately 6-8 inches from the panel and unplug the assembly completely. You will need to remove the sensor from the panel using a small flat head screw driver to pry it out of the holder. Remove the plastic sensor holder as you will need this to install into your POWERTRIX CF panel. If your 300zx has the older style manual climate control, skip to Step 5.

4.  Install the plastic sensor holder into the passenger side POWERTRIX CF panel. Re insert the sensor into the sensor holder. If you have disconnected the sensor at the plug, don’t forget to plug the sensor back into the wire from the car.


5. VERY IMPORTANT: If your dash is already starting to peel, let the car sit out in the sun for a couple of hours. This will allow the warped dash to warm up and become more pliable so it can be tucked under the POWERTRIX panels.  Forcing the panels in place before the dash is soft and pliable can cause the OEM panels to crack or break

When the dash is warm, it will become softer and allows for easier installation of the new panels. If the dash is not warm and pliable, it may prevent proper installation and can cause the panels to pop out of place due to tension of the warped dash. Be sure to tuck the dash under the carbon fiber panel. Place the panel into the vent opening and snap the panel in place starting from the outer most part of the panel and go inward


6.  Repeat the installation procedure for the driver’s side POWERTRIX CF panel. Remember to tuck the peeling dash under the CF panel.

7.  Snap the panel in starting from the outer most part of the panel and go inward.



You are now finished with the install. For radically peeled dashes, it is normal the have a bit of a lift on the panels as the POWERTRIX CF panels are fighting to hold down the dash. Over the period of a couple of weeks and with the help of heat from the sun softening the dash, the POWERTRIX CF panels with mold the dash back into place. 


Re-box and return your OEM panels to: 

Attn: Charles Park
9450 Mira Mesa Blvd # B 447
San Diego CA 92126 

Please package and protect the panels to avoid any damage and send by means that is trackable or by delivery conformation for your protection. Any damage to your OEM panels will forfeit your $40.00 core fee. Upon receiving your panels, we will notify you and refund your core fee by Paypal. You may also decide to use your core fee towards credit on future purchases. 

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