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Through continuous, research, development and race track and street testing, Powertrix manufactures the most fully featured and meticulously designed front camber arm/upper link made specifically for the Z32/Nissan 300zx. Considered the Flagship product of the company, it is manufactured of heat tempered steel and features Sealed bearings. Precise measurements through billet machined components ensure snug fitment with out play and necessary suspension clearance.

The unique ball bearing stress relieving design sets this product in a class by itself and apart from the “look alike” copied components on the market. With close to 4 degrees of adjustment by twisting the center section of the arm, it can be set up from street to full racing applications. Large beefy locking collars ensure absolutely zero slippage or variance in camber once set.

Powertrix Adj. Front Camber Arms are specifically designed and manufactured for the Z32. Incorporated into the design is an extra offset (length "A": Represented in RED) allows for clearance between the locking collars of the arms and the mounting brackets to ensure they do not become damaged by regular suspension travel. This clearance is critical and is coupled with just the right size locking collars as too big of a collar can cause contact with the upper mounting bracket. This offset is essential for the proper suspension travel especially on a lowered Z32 and under extreme and track conditions. This offset is in symmetry with the stock Z32 A arm as it too has a purposely designed "dimple" built in, to allow proper clearance.

Powertrix also ensures that the distances/lengths ("B" represented in BLUE and "C" represented in GREEN) are of factory Z32 tolerances and specifications. Too long of the lengths "B" and "C" will cause improper fitment or non-fitment and too short of the lengths cause loose fitment between the stock suspension brackets which will result in vibration and undesirable movement of the arms. "B" > "C"  "B" and "C" are not equidistant. 

The original Midori/TBO arms were designed for the R32 Skyline and do not have the Powertrix specific Z32 features. Replicas on the market were duplicated off the original Midori/TBO arms and are the incorrect component to install on a Z32 even though it may be capable of bolting on.

Adjustable tension rods with solid spherical ball joints are required with use of our sealed bearing front camber arms. Use without solid spherical ball joint tension rods can prematurely wear the bearings in the front cambers arms due to variance in castor allowed by not using the proper tension rods. Try Powertrix Competition Tension Rods below with Powertrix Competition front camber arms.

 **Due to current in progress manufacturing / production time lines, this product will be on a deferred shipping schedule. Estimated restocking is late May 2021. Shipping will commence on all orders as soon as the restocking shipment arrives.  ORDERING THIS ITEM is acknowledgment & agreement of the DEFERRED SHIPPING.  CANCELLATION OF THE ORDER WILL INCUR  A (25% CANCELLATION FEE**


Add Tension Rods:
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