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Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links (NA/NB Miata)

Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links  (NA/NB Miata)
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Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links  (NA/NB Miata) Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links  (NA/NB Miata) Rear Adjustable Sway Bar End Links  (NA/NB Miata)

Our Sway Bar end links will work equally well with standard ride height Miatas, however they are specifically designed and customize-able for lowered and extremely lowered Miatas. Most end links on the market are universal applications not specifically designed for a lowered NA/NB (Miata) and are limited on adjustment and are too long. all though they will still bolt up, this creates less than optimal angles in conjunction with the sway bar resulting in less effective conduction of suspension energy to the sway bar. To maximize the effectiveness of the End Link and Sway Bar on a lowered car, shortening of the end link is required. 

The POWERTRIX Sway Bar End Links Set feature Billet 4130 Chromoly slot loaded Kevlar/Teflon mold injected rod ends and 10.9 grade hardware. And allow more adjustment to shorten the End Link for optimal positioning. 

Our Rear Sway Bar End Links Kit is the only kit on the market for the Mazda NA/NB (Miata) that incorporates/includes a unique long bolt and shim stack system that allows for a wider customize-able range of adjustment to increased rod end range of motion and positioning of the end link to maximize the sway bars' effectiveness. And it further helps prevent rod end binding that can result in premature wear.

Upgrade the performance of your sway bars by eliminating unfavorable play and movement caused by worn rubber or urethane bushings in OEM stock or aftermarket links. The maintenance free, spherical bearing ball joints have zero play and transfers all body roll energy to the sway bar for optimum performance. 

Stock and aftermarket sway bars kits were designed with the stock ride height and have non-adjustable length end links. This causes a weak point in the sway bar system due to the orientation of the links especially when set on the stiffer inner settings on the bar where they are at unfavorable acute angles. The use of adjustable end links allow the setup of the links to be oriented as close to 90 degrees with the bar so the force of body roll is directly translated to the bar instead of the link itself making the sway bar more effective and efficient.

It is also used to help true not perfectly straight bars and to eliminate unwanted directional preload. lt will work with both front stock or aftermarket sway bars. 

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